Who We Are

Our group is composed of a wide variety of parents whose occupations range from student to professor, from working parents to stay-at-home (working) parents, and from conventional-family to single-parent households. We all have at least one set of twins, triplets or more, and many have other children as well.

From all of these backgrounds we have a unique group to help parents of multiples meet the demands that raising multiples brings. With the practical experience that we receive daily we can help you meet some of the challenges that you will face. We do not provide medical advice. We are here to support you and your multiples in any other way that you require.

Many expectant parents of multiples like to join us before their babies arrive so that they have a better understanding of what to expect during the first weeks. Multiples are special. Everyone from grandparents, family, friends and even total strangers are awed by multiples.

They are truly a JOY!